Podcast Production


We will edit your show and create all of the accompanying materials needed to launch and promote your episode. This is the cost for preparing a single episode.


Let us bring our years of podcast experience to your show. We offer editing packages so that you’re presenting a professional and polished product. The service that we provide includes:

  • High quality mixing and mastering up to 60 minutes long
  • Includes royalty free theme music and stings to retain interest
  • Cover artwork
  • Detailed show notes with show summary
  • Interviewer biog and image
  • Interviewee(s) biog and image
  • Episode timestamps
  • Metadata added to audio file
  • Transcripts deciphered by AI but checked manually for accuracy
  • Social media images for different platforms
  • Short clips for YouTube / Instagram
  • A full-length artwork video of your episode for YouTube
  • Keyword research for SEO, 10 keywords provided